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Why Aren't More Russian Women Feminists?

13. November 2009 by Marie 0 Comments

While we can't speak for the ladies on our site, Russians generally have a different view of equality and what it means. Radical feminism as it exists in the West is not part of the culture. Traditional female roles are accepted as normal. 


Their real gender concerns

Most Russian and Ukrainian women have concerns about women's rights, to be sure. Some are leery of online dating sites because they fear being abused or sold into human trafficking.  


At home, they don't engage in a public fight for equal pay or family status because there is just no motivation. They are generally not required to be the family breadwinners, they have few bills to pay, and many live with extended families.


Men's and women's roles

Certainly some women are what we'd consider feminists, but old traditions still hold sway, and many women see no problem with this: Even if a lady works, she accepts that she will also take care of her home and family, and perhaps earn less than her husband.


Perhaps unfairly, many Russians still stereotype "feminists" as women who shirk their home-front duties out of laziness, or they are gay, or somehow they have some unattractive quality. Male feminists are viewed with suspicion.


Who these women are

Many of the women on HotRussianBrides.com are professionals, or they are full-time students in a rigorous educational system. They feel they can be traditionally feminine, sensual, and accomplished if that's what they want to be.


But many don't share the West's vocal views on gender parity and equal rights: They are comfortable with traditional male-female roles. They want to be treated well and respected for who they are but believe they don't have to be an avowed "feminist" to have to lead a fulfilling life.


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