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Why Can’t I Pay a Flat Fee for Unlimited Chat?

13. November 2009 by Christy 0 Comments

Many members of HotRussianBrides enjoy chatting with lovely Russian ladies so much that they contact us with questions about unlimited chat. “Why do I have to pay per minute?” they ask. “Can’t I just pay flat fee to chat with the ladies?” Unfortunately, it is not economically feasible for HotRussianBrides to offer unlimited chat for a flat fee. Here's why.

To chat, a lady needs a computer, a web cam, and an Internet service provider. As the vast majority of Russians cannot afford computers, HotRussianBrides provides all of the equipment and pays all necessary costs. Most internet providers in Russia do not offer unlimited service, so we must pay by the minute. Therefore, we charge our members by the minute. In addition, our popular video chat feature creates extra traffic and we must pay separate fees for the increased usage. It’s also important to remember that we employ a full-time staff of translators who are compensated for their time. They also do not offer unlimited services.

HotRussianBrides, like any organization, must meet and exceed its operating costs to run a viable business. As many of our costs are based on frequency of use, we cannot afford to offer unlimited chat to our members at this time. However, we do offer a variety of membership packages that allow gentlemen to save money on chat credits. Have you given one a try?