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Why Did My Lady Disappear?

11. October 2011 by Christy 0 Comments

Every now and then, members of Hot Russian Brides will establish rapport with a special woman from our site only to stop hearing from her. Sometimes the lady quits responding to emails and chat requests, while other times she disappears from the site altogether. What gives? Here are a few possible explanations for a lady's disappearance.


She’s Busy

Thanks to work, school, and family obligations, many of the ladies on HRB have busy lives. At times, it can become difficult for a lady to carve out time for international suitors and she may chose to stop trying. While it’s certainly disappointing when a special lady logs off Hot Russian Brides for good, it’s pointless for a man to dwell on circumstances outside his control.


She’s Not Interested

Some ladies stop responding to emails and chat requests because they’re just not interested or because they’ve found a more suitable match. While it’s hard to let go of rejection, that’s exactly what gentlemen must do if they wish to move on and find a lady who is interested in dating them long term.


She’s Offended

If a man offends a Russian woman, whether he meant to or not, there’s a good chance he’ll never hear from her again. So what do Russian women find offensive? While every lady has her own standards, scam accusations, sincerity “tests,” and name calling are a few good ways to drive off a potential Russian love match.


She Decided International Dating Wasn’t for Her

Not everyone is willing, or able, to handle the challenges of international dating, and some ladies may decide Hot Russian Brides just isn’t for them. Gentlemen should respect this decision and understand that it’s for the best.

Though it’s frustrating, disappearing singles are simply a part of the online dating experience. The best approach in this situation is to move on and focus on finding new ladies to get to know rather than dwelling on a disappearance or trying to hunt a missing lady down.