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Why Did She Change Her User Name?

6. November 2009 by Marie 0 Comments

You see a hot young Russian lady on our site. Maybe you write her, maybe you don't. Then one day, you'll see her face again -- with a different user name. What's your first thought?

You might worry that her name is "Scammer." You might think, "Who does she think she's fooling?" The answer is probably not the least bit sinister: She picked what she hopes is a better user name.

Why change a name?

Probably because it's not getting results. Think about names that have tanked over the years: The Ford Edsel sputtered largely because people didn't like the name. Sugar Smacks cereal became Honey Smacks in the health-conscious '70s, just Smacks in the late 90's, and then Honey Smacks again to make it less pugilistic-sounding. The Chevrolet Nova raised eyebrows because its name means "no go" in Spanish.

A lady will try to choose a memorable, positive and enticing user name. After a few weeks, she might find the name is not drawing enough interest or just isn't a good fit, so she'll try another. It's not unlike trying new outfits or hair styles.

Freedom to choose

Both the ladies and gentlemen who use HotRussianBrides are free to change any profile information they like. Major overhauls certainly send the wrong message, but tweaking can freshen things up and make a world of difference in getting noticed. We've found in most cases, ladies who change user names have innocent intentions. They don't stop to think how it might be perceived.

Go by the numbers

We suggest if a lady interests you, store her User ID number. It's right at the top of her profile and it never changes. This procedure is our way of safeguarding all of our members' identities and privacy. You can also add a lady to your Favorites and it will track her User ID number automatically.

Scan the list of enticing names and beautiful faces on HotRussianBrides.com, and start taking numbers.