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Why Do Russian Girls Marry Older Men?

14. June 2012 by Masha 0 Comments

Russian dating sites often have female members of all ages, but a large majority of them tend to be younger. Men question these 18 to 21 year old ladies wondering if they are truly good marriage material and why they would be seeking older husbands. A simple cultural lesson about the beautiful girls of Russia and Ukraine help guys realize why they begin looking for love at an early age.


Russian and Ukrainian ladies are not the only ones who are attracted to older men; they are often desired by women across the globe. It could be because of the experience and security they can offer, or the fact that older gentlemen have had enough of the bar and club scenes and are ready for faithful relationships.


It’s not uncommon for Russian and Ukrainian girls to wish to be married right as they turn 18, while their opposite sex would rather wait to settle down. This is one explanation of why these younger women are often seen matching up with men of 5, 10, or even 20 years their senior.


Also, women of the Former Soviet Union typically enjoy a high quality education. Since most of them attend universities and learn about many worldly topics, these ladies are smarter and more mature than men may expect. Since many older men have the experience and education as well, they are pleasantly surprised that they have more in common and more to chat about with the younger ladies.


Critics may always believe that these types of marriages are odd; however international couples who match up this way tend to last longer than domestic unions.