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Why Do Ukrainian Women Want Foreign Men?

9. April 2013 by Dasha 0 Comments

Wondering why the women of HRB want to meet foreign men? You’re not alone. Questions about women’s motives are among the most common in the Russian dating industry. Unfortunately, myths and stereotypes have sullied Ukrainian singles’ reputation by suggesting they’re only it for money or a green card. Here’s why the ladies of HRB really seek love abroad. 


If you want to know why Ukrainian women join HRB, consider your own reasons for signing up. Is it because you want to meet new people or try something different? Do you believe women in Eastern Europe better share your values? Were you intrigued by a Russian dating success story? The women of HRB have similar motives. 


Some ladies have had no luck with local men and wish to broaden their dating pool. Others have friends who met their significant other online and hope to find a happy ending of their own. Some women are simply curious about foreign men and think of international dating as a fun adventure. Though a fraction of foreign women may be after a green card, the vast majority come to Russian dating for the right reasons. 


Of course, there’s no universal answer as to why a woman is interested in foreign men. If you’re curious about a particular woman’s motivations, ask her! Her profile might also reveal a few clues. Don’t let the nasty myths and stereotypes scare you away from Russian dating.