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Why Do the Women on HRB Wear Skimpy Clothing?

17. July 2013 by Dasha 0 Comments

If you’re like many members of Hot Russian Brides, you’ve wondered why the women wear revealing clothing in their profile pics or when chatting live with the men of HRB. Critics claim skimpy clothing is the sign of scammers or women for hire, but that’s hardly an accurate statement. Here’s what’s up with the women’s sexy style of dress. 


First, dressing up and dressing sexy isn’t something that Russian women do on HRB only. Several news articles note Russian and Ukrainian women’s habit of wearing heels and dresses wherever they go and that short skirts and plunging necklines are the norm. Some Westerners call women from Russia and Ukraine “ultra-feminine,” and many men find this style of dress attractive.  


A common complaint about skimpy clothing on HRB is that the women wear it to lure Western men into chatting with them. And they’re right. However, the women’s motives aren’t sinister. Women come to HRB to meet new men and search for a match, and the more men they meet the better their chances of succeeding. Like it or not, skimpy clothing is an effective way to catch a man’s attention, especially in a sea of over 17,000 beautiful women. 


Finally, the women of wear revealing clothing because it’s fun and flirty and helps them feel good. The women work hard for their trim figures and toned physiques, so why not show it off a bit? It’s also important to note that revealing clothing isn’t considered as shocking in Russia and Ukraine as it is in other coutnries.


Though critics have plenty to say about the skimpy clothes on Russian dating sites, the truth is that the women wear revealing outfits because it helps them pretty and confident, not to mention stand out in the crowd. Don't be fooled by inaccurate rumors and stereotypes.