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Why Does It Take a Few Days for Her to Reply?

1. October 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

Imagine you send an email to a lady on a Friday and she doesn’t reply until the following Tuesday. How does this make you feel? While some men think nothing of a few days delay, others assume it means a lady is not serious or not interested and will cut the relationship short. This is both unnecessary and unfortunate.  

A delay in replies, especially a delay of only a few days, doesn’t mean a lady isn’t interested, isn’t sincere, or that a gentleman is a low priority on her list. While men in North America or Western Europe take for granted the immediate convenience of unlimited home Internet, this is simply not a reality in Russia or the Ukraine. The majority of women on HotRussianBrides must travel to an introduction agency to read their messages and send replies, and if the ladies are tied up with career or family obligations it may them a few days to respond. Not only that, but ladies may need the assistance of a translator and this can take even more time. A gentleman should try to be patient and understanding when delays occur and not interrogate a lady about the slow response, make her feel guilty, or assume he is a low priority on her list. 

As always, communication is key to avoiding misunderstandings and maintaining a successful relationship with Russian women. If a lady’s actions confuses, worries, or upsets a gentleman he should talk to her about it rather than making assumptions and severing contact. If more Russian bride seekers held their emotions in check and took the time to communicate with the ladies on HotRussianBrides, we would likely be able to boast even more happy couples than we already do.