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Why It’s Important to Develop a Relationship Before Meeting

17. August 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

For whatever reason, some men prefer to fly to Russia or the Ukraine and attempt to meet women through romance tours rather than using a Russian dating service like HotRussianBrides.com. Others prefer to travel independently. While these methods have worked for some, they more often result in anger, frustration, and wasted time and money. Here are the benefits to establishing an online relationship first.


The Disadvantages of Winging It

Gentlemen who travel abroad to meet perfect strangers face a myriad of challenges that men traveling to meet a specific person do not. They know nothing about the lady or ladies they’re scheduled to meet (or if they’ll meet anyone at all in the case of independent travelers) or if the ladies even have the qualities they’re seeking. Conversation with a stranger, especially one who doesn’t speak English, can be trying and awkward and a couple may struggle for topics because they know absolutely nothing about one another. Often, romance tours or independent visits result in wasted time and money because gentlemen simply didn’t meet a lady with whom they were compatible.    


The Advantages of Establishing a Relationship First

In comparison, a man who develops a relationship with a lady first already knows that the lady he’s traveling to meet possesses the general qualities he’s seeking. There’s no worry about wasting time on someone who is completely incompatible. Not only that, but thanks to past communication the two already know about each other’s lives, dreams, and goals, and this knowledge provides a helpful starting point for getting to know one another on a deeper level. The couple can focus on building a relationship and determining if there is a future, rather than laying a foundation and working from scratch.  

For these reasons we recommend that our clients first establish a relationship with a lady or ladies before traveling to Russia or the Ukraine. After all, why leave something as important as finding a future wife to luck and chance?