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Why It's Wise to Wait to Send Personal Info

14. July 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Sharing information has become so prevalent on the internet that many gentlemen don’t think twice about giving out their personal contact info on Russian dating sites. Some try to send email addresses and phone numbers in their introduction emails! Is it really smart to share this information with people you don’t even know… even if they are gorgeous Russian women?


It’s common for gentlemen to feel like rushing into relationships with the charming ladies on HotRussianBrides.com. They are smart, sexy, and serious about their search. However, men who have matched up admit that taking time to get to know the ladies first is a better approach.


One reason is to prevent any unwanted communication. If personal contact information is exchanged too soon, and a gentleman decides he doesn’t want to pursue a lady any longer, she may continue to pursue him with emails and phone calls. When the chatting remains on HotRussianBrides.com, a gentleman can politely tell a lady he is no longer interested, and then add her to his Block List to prevent any further correspondence.


Another reason is for security. While HotRussianBrides.com does provide extensive identity protection features, cyber criminals are coming up with new ways each day to thwart security efforts and latch on to personal information. Guys giving out addresses or phone numbers willingly online, take the risk of exposing themselves too much and becoming an easy target.


Plus, even when a gentleman knows his favorite Russian bride is real, honest, and would never jeopardize his safety, he may not know who has access to her computer. Many ladies use public computers at agencies or internet cafes where information could possibly by viewed by anyone.


Some gentlemen think HotRussianBrides.com encourages communication through the site to make more money or monitor conversations. In actuality, this suggestion is to comply with laws enacted to protect the ladies, as well as the commitment to ensure the safety of the gentlemen members. Relationships, even those fostered through international dating sites, shouldn’t be rushed. Taking the time to get to know these wonderful women before sharing personal details is a wise decision.