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Why Leave Russia?

11. January 2010 by Daniel 0 Comments

Statistics have shown that each year thousands of Russian women leave their home country in order to marry a foreign husband. Why is this?


While the reasons are numerous and complex, there are a handful of commonly-cited motivations hared among the women on HotRussianBrides.com. Here are three of the most common.


Lack of Men

One of the main reasons that Russian women seek foreign men simply has to do with the number of men in Russia. Various circumstances in recent history, including casualties suffered during Russia’s involvement in World War II, have led to a significant disparity of men in the country. It has been reported that Russian women outnumber Russian men by a 4-to-1 ratio. With so few men to choose from, it is easy to see why many women would look beyond the country’s borders to find love.


Lack of Good Men

While there are certainly exceptions, the ladies on HotRussianBrides.com report that Russian men tend to be lacking in chivalry. There is a sense of disinterest and indifference toward women among many Russian men, who also oftentimes live a hard-partying lifestyle as they age into their 30s. At the same time, culture and tradition dictate that women should begin looking to settle down and start a family by their mid-20s. For many, this means a suitable husband can only be found outside Russia.

Western Men Seen as More Traditional

Whether or not you deem it to be true, Russian women generally regard western men as adhering to a more traditional set of values than is typical of Russian men. In Russia, women place great importance on things like marriage, family, and the raising of children – a value that is not often shared by the men in Russia. Western men, in contrast, are seen as sharing these values – being devoted husbands who are committed to raising a stable family.


Certainly there are more than just these three simplified reasons to account for why so many Russian women want to marry foreign men. Many women also report a need for greater financial stability – something they can only achieve abroad. However, these three are the most basic and commonly cited motivations.

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