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Why Must Men Pay for Russian Dating Services?

19. October 2012 by Masha 0 Comments

Gentlemen who are new to international dating are often confused by the cost of courting Russian and Ukrainian women online. Many have been members of free dating sites before, so they wonder why the international sites have to charge fees. 


One common misperception about the Russian dating industry is that the introduction agencies pocket most, if not all, of the membership fees they collect from hopeful suitors. Though these services are businesses and must earn a profit to remain viable, most dating websites must cover a wide range of expenses to provide the level of service their members have come to expect.


While chatting and emailing Russian ladies online, it can be easy to forget that most of them are not using their own computers, web cams, or paying for their own internet access. They simply can’t afford these luxuries. They travel to their local dating agencies where all the equipment and services are paid for by the Russian dating sites. Some expenses are quite high, such as the internet service which is charged per minute rather than limitless access.


Premium sites that offer live video streaming have to pay separate fees for that feature as well. Don’t forget the whole teams of translators that are necessary for effective communication. The dating sites usually cover the wages of these employees, and since they are needed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, there are many of them to compensate.


Besides the teams of people working at the Russian and Ukrainian agencies, there are also employees working for the dating websites to keep the services running smoothly. The customer support staff is available all week long to field questions and concerns. Graphic designers, technical support, and administrators help to keep the actual functionality of the website working, and there are many others involved in maintaining the site and adding new features and services.


Men can see how operating an international dating site can be costly, and while achieving profits is important, the sites are not fully profiting from membership fees. Some men may still complain about the fees they pay, but most guys understand that global dating is a unique experience that requires an investment. Getting the opportunity to meet stunning single Russian ladies online is really worth any price.


How much would you pay to spend your life with your soul mate?