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Why Russian Brides Like Older Men

7. December 2009 by Daniel 0 Comments

Being that many of the Russian ladies featured on HotRussianBrides.com are very young, users often ask us why these women would want to marry a much older man. Indeed, many of our success stories involve women in their 20s meeting and marrying western men who are 15-20 years older. So what’s the attraction?


The answer has as much to do with the maturity and stability that older men have to offer as it does with cultural differences that distinguish Russian women.


Maturity, Experience, Stability

As men get older, they tend to be viewed by women as having a greater level of maturity than their younger counterparts. They also tend to be seen as more knowledgeable, having been able to hone an understanding of life through experience. Older men typically have a greater level of financial security than younger men, having established themselves in successful careers. All of this conveys to a woman a sense of stability that is not as apparent with younger men, who are still prone to making mistakes and pursuing unattainable goals.


Russian Women and Men: Different Expectations

Another reason that Russian women may seek older men for marriage has to do with the different societal expectations between Russian women and men. Russian women are typically expected to get married and start a family sometime in their early 20s. Men, by contrast, are not expected to settle down until their mid-30s or later. It is also considered somewhat more acceptable in Russia for men to live a lifestyle that has them away from their home and family more often. There is less commitment to tradition in this respect.


Russian Ladies Mature Faster

In addition to cultural expectations, yet another reason Russian women may pursue older men is that Russian ladies tend to be more emotionally and intellectually mature at a younger age. This goes along with the differing expectations between women and men. As they approach adulthood and expectations of marriage and family come about, Russian women become more refined in order to attract potential mates. A Russian lady in her early 20s is much more ready and willing to settle down than a lady of the same age from a different country.


While they may differ in age, young Russian women have much in common with older western men in the way of maturity as well as life goals. For many of the gentlemen, finding a young Russian bride on HotRussianBrides.com could bring a renewed zest for life. Find your Russian bride now by signing up for a premium membership.