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Why Russian Women Look for Love Abroad

14. May 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

Many gentlemen wonder why Russian and Ukrainian women look for partners overseas. A few common, but erroneous, assumptions are that the women are desperate to leave their home country, that they are only after a green card, or that they are paid to chat with men. While a few women may have less than honorable intentions, the majority look for love abroad because…


They’re Curious

Many ladies have friends or acquaintances who have met foreign men online and they want to experience online dating for themselves. They’re interested in meeting men from different countries and discovering if one of these men could be their perfect match.


It’s Fun

Several ladies participate on HotRussianBrides.com because it’s fun. They get to meet new people, chat with admiring men, and learn about different countries and cultures. Not only that, but many ladies also make friends with other women at the agencies and they enjoy spending time with their new pals. Check out our agency videos to see examples of the ladies having fun together.


They Haven’t Had Luck in Traditional Places

Many Russian women, like the Western men who pursue them, decide to try online dating because they’ve been unsuccessful finding love in traditional places. There are only so many places where singles can meet potential partners, and many ladies don’t want to settle for local options. These adventurous and proactive women choose to embrace international dating as it expands their dating pool and opens up many new doors.  


They’re Interested in Other Cultures

Just as many Western men are attracted to Russian culture, Russian women are also attracted to the cultures of Western countries. Several of the ladies believe men from America, England, etc. have traditional family values and this is a quality many Russian women value highly. 

So why do Russian women look for love abroad? They’re curious, it’s fun, they haven’t had luck in traditional places, they’re interested in other cultures, or a combination of the four. The best way to find out why you’re special Russian lady is looking for love overseas is to ask her!