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Why Should I Use HotRussianBrides When I Can Just Arrange Meetings On My Own?

13. September 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

HotRussianBrides has instituted a system that allows Western men and Russian women to get to know another in a safe and comfortable environment. With us, there’s no pressure to exchange personal contact information until both parties are ready and many members (ladies and gentlemen alike) appreciate this secure dating environment. However, some men refuse to use our service because they can’t obtain a lady’s information right away. They instead try to circumvent the system by combing our site for women they’d like to meet and then attempting to arrange meetings on their own (often without even talking to a lady, only her introduction agency). While we understand why this idea may be tempting, it’s a risky bet at best.

It would be arrogant for men to assume that Russian women are willing to meet any man who expresses an interest in doing so. After all, the ladies aren’t escorts. Some women may be willing to meet perfect strangers and some may not, but a man should never assume a lady will grant him a meeting. Many ladies are reluctant to meet men they have chatted with a handful of times, much less men they have never talked to. Plus, some ladies may be put off by men who want to accelerate the courtship process so much that they can’t even be bothered to say hello to a woman before jetting to Russia or the Ukraine to meet her and/or men who purposely flout the rules of the Russian dating site to which she belongs.

Men who think there’s something strange or scandalous about ladies being unwilling to meet strangers or sites that support this decision, should ask themselves if they’d meet a woman who made an unannounced visit to the United States (or wherever the gentleman’s home country might be). Though courting a Russian woman the standard way (getting to know one another through a series of emails and chats) can be time-consuming and expensive, it is the best way to find a true Russian bride.