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Why South African Men Wed Russian Women

11. November 2009 by Michelle 0 Comments

Looking for a kief girl with a lekker spirit? South African men find Russian and Ukrainian women an excellent marriage match. Several South African towns have more single men than women so many seek wives from different countries. And with so many beautiful and available women in Russia and Ukraine, it’s no wonder these lovebirds are matching up on HotRussianBrides.


They make a cute couple

Russian women are known for their exquisite beauty, and many South African men are remarkably handsome. Get them together and you have some gorgeous couples! Their personalities seem to mesh well also. South African men have been described as traditional and thoughtful. Since Russian women love to be treated like ladies, South African men are happy to pamper them with chivalry. They prefer attractive women that are very well-groomed and these ladies are all about looking their best.


They are active, outdoor, sporty types

He says soccer, she says football. Either way, Russians and South Africans are crazy about sports, especially this one. South Africa will be the center of the world for the 2010 FIFA World Cup next summer, while Russia is in the running to host the event in 2018. Others sports that are common in South Africa, while not as much in Russia, are rugby, cricket and surfing. Men can enjoy chatting and teaching Russian ladies about these sports, while the ladies can inform men about gymnastics and Russian Pyramid.


They share historical similarities

Russians and South Africans are no strangers to war and violence in their countries. Their histories are marked by unfortunate death and destruction which has ingrained many mixed feeling and emotions within the cultures. These historical events have provided the people with strong love and devotion for their countries. Whether relating on the similarities, or acknowledging the differences, learning about each other’s cultures provides interesting conversations.


They understand the investments of love

An age-old South African custom that is still practiced today is the payment from the groom to the bride’s family, known as lobolo, bride price, or dowry. Paying to marry a woman sounds like a mail order bride, but just as these Russian women are not for sale, paying the lobolo is not actually a purchase price, but more like a gift to the bride’s family. South African men understand there are investments involved in finding the perfect match so they don’t mind investing in an online Russian dating service to meet their ideal Russian bride.


These are only a few of the reasons why Russian women and South African men find each other compatible on HotRussianBrides. This incredible opportunity for worldwide dating is allowing people from different countries to meet people they may have never met before! Begin your adventure today!