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Why Was My Credit Card Declined?

16. June 2010 by Admin 0 Comments

There are many reasons why your credit or debit card transaction may have been declined by our billing system. Below are some of the most common reasons we encounter:

  • Entering Incorrect Billing Information: Make sure to enter the credit card billing information exactly as it appears on your monthly statement.
  • Entering Incorrect Credit Card Number, Expiration Date or Security Code: Sometimes a digit or two may get entered incorrectly.
  • Insufficient Funds: If you have no room on your card or no funds in your checking account (if using a debit card)
  • Exceeding Daily Limits: If you have a preset daily spending limit and you have met it or exceeded it.
  • Rejection of International Charges: Some banks will not allow account holders to use cards to pay for services outside of their country.
  • Card Security Measures: Some cards/banks will block all online transactions.
  • Technical Issues: Sometimes there is an issue that prevents a transaction from happening or your bank's processing server may be down.

If you are ever in doubt as to the cause for the declined transaction, contact your bank directly.