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Some Women Have Been on HRB for Years. Why?

5. July 2013 by Dasha 0 Comments

Some men have noticed that there are women on HRB who have been on the site for years. A few of these concerned men worry the long-term ladies are “professional daters” who aren’t sincere about finding a match. However, there are several reasons a woman (or man) might use HRB for years. Here a few of them.


Most long-term ladies stay on HRB because they enjoy chatting and flirting with Western men, but have yet to find a match. Many men stick with Hot Russian Brides for the same reason. There are several reasons a single may be unable to find a match on a dating site, but that doesn’t mean he or she should give up, especially if they enjoy using the service. Plus, it’s perfectly fine to use HRB for casual flirting and chats. Marriage doesn’t have to be the end goal for all of our users.  


Busy schedules are another common reason for long-term membership. Many women lead hectic lives full of school, work, and family obligations. Because of this, the ladies may be unable to log in as often as they like or reply to emails in a prompt fashion. This naturally delays a woman’s search and can cause her to stay on the site for a long time.


Again, it’s important to note that women aren’t the only long-term members of Hot Russian Brides. There are men who have used our service for years as well, and neither they nor the ladies have ulterior motives. When it comes to finding a spouse, some singles simply prefer taking their time, and there’s nothing wrong with this approach. 


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