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Why Wonder When You Can Watch Live?

7. July 2011 by Michelle 0 Comments

Live web streaming is one of the most popular features on international dating sites for several reasons. One is that it gives gentlemen a better idea of what the ladies really look like. Since many use professional photographers for their profile pics, it's nice to view their everyday appearances.


Another reason is because instant message chatting is much more interactive when men can actually see the ladies' react to the conversation. Watching her laugh, smile, or just make funny faces can help guys get a better sense of her personality.


Plus, engaging in live web cam dates before you meet in person eliminates some of that first date anxiety.


So how do members find hot Russian brides who are streaming live video?


The easiest way is to click the "Online Now" button on the top toolbar of the My Home page. Profile cards of ladies who are logged on at that time will populate on the left side of the page.


This flashing green instant message icon on a profile card means she has a live web cam.


Click on the profile card, and then click on the Live Web Cam button to open the instant messaging window.


Now click on the Start Live Stream button , accept the credit charge, and your beautiful Russian bride appears! Start watching live streams today!


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