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Why Would Russian Women Want to Leave Russia?

13. October 2009 by Daniel 0 Comments

You may wonder – with so many fascinating and beautiful places in Russia and Ukraine, why on earth would a Russian or  Ukrainian woman want to leave her home country to begin a life somewhere else? Here are just a few of the reasons Russian women take to the internet to search for the man of their dreams.

Better Economic and Cultural Opportunities

Opportunities for women to make more money are plentiful outside Russia. Many women are well-educated, but do not have access to a wide-ranging job market. Jobs in which they can put their skills to use are abundant outside Russia. Additionally, there is a desire among some women to see and experience the customs and traditions of a new culture.

Poor Treatment from Russian Men

According to the ladies on our Website, there tends to be a lack of chivalry among Russian men. Men often treat their Russian women with indifference or disinterest. Russian men are also inclined to participate in a hard-partying lifestyle – a lifestyle of which the women tire easily. Russian women desire to be treated with the courtesy and attention of a gentleman. Oftentimes, the only place they can receive such courtesy and attention is from foreign men, who are more traditional and romantic in their approach to women.

Lack of Russian Men

Although there may be some decent Russian men out there, circumstances make them few and far between. All told, single Russian women still outnumber their male counterparts by a ratio of nearly 4-to-1. This disparity is attributable to many factors, including population losses suffered in Russia during World War II. With a lack of men in general, and a lack of good men in particular, it makes sense that a Russian woman would look beyond her borders for a man to be with.

More Traditional Family Values

As odd as it may seem, many Russian women find it difficult to find a man who believes in a traditional family. The women place a strong importance on marriage and child rearing and believe it is primarily the responsibility of women to tend to the family’s needs. At the same time, foreign men are generally regarded as being more devoted to their families, as well as their wives, than Russian men.

While Russian women take pride in their native country, the fact is that better opportunities for romance, careers and a fulfilling life lie elsewhere. For one special lady, that opportunity could lie with you. So log on to HotRussianBrides.com right now and start the search for your Russian bride.