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Why You Receive a Lot of Email and How to Manage Your Inbox

14. June 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

Gentlemen on HotRussianBrides.com are often overwhelmed by the number of emails they receive from beautiful Russian women and want to know why the ladies send so many messages and how they can handle the influx of mail. Here are the answers to these questions.


Why Do I Receive So Many Emails?

Many members, old and new alike, want to know why they receive so many emails from our ladies.  An overflowing inbox makes gentlemen suspicious and they can’t help but wonder if the women on HotRussianBrides are sincere in their quest for love or if the site is just a scam. 

There are many reasons why our members receive a lot of email and they have nothing to do with scams. First, we have nearly 13,000 ladies on HotRussianBrides and if just a small percentage send email to one gentleman it won’t be long before he has hundreds of messages. Gentlemen should also remember that the majority of women do not have home computers and must rely one of HotRussianBrides’ introduction agencies to communicate with men abroad. The ladies’ time is limited, so they understandably reach out to as many men as possible when they are able to use a computer. Our gentlemen often email many different ladies as well so this is not a technique unique to Russian women. Finally, when a gentleman joins our site his profile appears at the top the list where it is more likely to attract the attention of our ladies. He’s “fresh meat” so to speak and the women want to introduce themselves while they have the chance.


What’s the Best Way to Manage My Email?

HotRussianBrides’ Black Book is the perfect tool for gentlemen who want to sort and organize their email. With it, members can view mail sent only by Favorites, Admirers, Matches, and Intimate Contacts, saving them the arduous task of sorting through dozens of email to find a message from one particular lady. For more detailed information, please view our Black Book video tutorial. Our members also have the option of blocking a lady’s or ladies’ emails should they not wish to receive them.

Though it may be difficult, members should not hesitate to ignore email from women who do not interest them. Some men feel obligated to respond to every message they receive, and though it’s a nice thought attempting to do so will only be a waste of time and money. The ladies do not expect a response to every email they send and they will not be heartbroken if a man doesn’t write back. It’s perfectly acceptable, and often necessary, to delete unsolicited emails.   

Despite what some may think, an overflowing inbox does not mean HotRussianBrides is a scam. There are simply a lot of ladies with limited time who want to reach out to as many gentlemen as possible to better their chances of finding The One. Our members can easily manage their email by taking advantage of HotRussianBrides’ convenient Black Book tool and being selective about who they contact.