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Why a Russian Woman Won't Want a Second Date

5. July 2011 by Michelle 0 Comments

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While you may feel like you've known your Russian lady for a lifetime, you still need to be on your best behavior when you meet in person. Some guys get so giddy about their first date that they forget to mind their manners. This is a crucial step in your relationship, so you want to be sure you solidify that second date.


Here are the top 4 turn offs during a date, according to Russian and Ukrainian women on HotRussianBrides.com.


Offensive Language 

When men see a Ukrainian woman's beauty for the first time in person, plenty of sexual thoughts pop into their heads. Whether they mean to or not, crude comments or dirty jokes may jump from their mouths. However, any type of vulgar or offensive language, whether directed at your Russian lady or not, is sure to cause her to cringe and reconsider meeting with you again. 


Constant Complaining

Russian women want confident, optimistic men so negativity is a huge turn off, both online and off! Don’t complain about costs of restaurants or criticize whatever activity you’re trying to enjoy on your date. A true gentleman can make the best of any situation. 


Stinky Smells 

From your body to your breath, make sure everything about you smells good when greeting your Russian girlfriend. Always take time to shower, apply deodorant and cologne, and brush your teeth before your date - no excuses! Carry mints or gum to maintain that freshness throughout your date. Goodbye kisses are much more likely when you smell just too good to resist.


This advice may seem obvious, but you'd be surprised by how many Russian ladies say men haven't learned these lessons yet. Be a courteous gentleman, stay positive and polite, and always smell delicious. These tips should help increase your odds of a second date with a hot Russian bride!