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Why an International Matchmaking Agency?

14. July 2010 by Gregg 0 Comments

A lot of people, from the skeptical to the curious have asked us why so many gentlemen decide to search for ladies internationally through Russian dating sites like ours. While every member will have their own individual reasons for searching overseas for a lady, there are quite a few that we see cited regularly. 


Quite a few gentlemen on our site are extremely interested in the culture of Russian and Ukrainian ladies for many reasons. While some are merely curious, others may have been brought up in Russian or other European families, or have a passion for the history and culture of that part of the world. This can bring them to search for someone who appreciates the culture of the former Soviet countries as much as they do. 


Russian ladies are considered to be extremely focused on family, and the general feeling toward American men in those countries is that they are looking for the same thing. Many Russian women and Ukrainian girls consider education to be extremely important and are extremely mature about their approach to relationships.

Many Russian and Ukrainian women live much simpler lives than their Western counterparts. Many Russian people do not own vehicles, using the local Metro systems and buses. Technology like computers and internet connections are not seen that often outside of richer households in the bigger cities. This is why many ladies need to come into Russian dating agency offices to use our site. 

Quality and Quantity

Why would gentlemen want to join our site, when there are many ladies in their local area they could date? It’s generally up to the gentlemen themselves, but a common recurring complaint from our members tends to be that their expectations for relationships don’t meet the expectations of ladies in their towns and cities. Some gentlemen are looking for less career-focused and more family-focused ladies; some gentlemen are looking for simpler or slower-paced lifestyles. Gentlemen joining our service have the ability to communicate with over 14,000 ladies in Russia and Ukraine, ladies from many different walks of life with their own hopes, dreams and expectations, so they can truly find the perfect match.