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Why are Russian brides in my “Favorites” folder showing up grayed-out?

6. May 2010 by Gregg 0 Comments


If you’re noticing the pictures of Single Russian women you have added to your Favorites list showing up as being grayed-out, don’t worry! This is actually a good thing!

When you add a lady to your Favorites, she will show up in the “Favorites” list from your Russian Marriage Agency Black Book. If the lady adds you on her favorites, she will show up in your “Admirers” list, also located in the Black Book section on HotRussianBrides.com.

If you and a lady both add each other to your “Favorites” list, whenever you go to view your “Favorites” or “Admirers”, the Ukrainian bride will appear on there, but with a grayed-out icon. This is because you are both now listed in the others’ “My Matches” section. Simply access the “My Matches” option on the pull-down menu from the Black Book screen and you will see the lady listed there.

When you and your potential Russian wife are listed in the “My Matches” section means that both you and the lady have expressed an interest in each other. You can feel free to correspond with any Russian lady on this list with the knowledge that you and she have a mutual interest in communicating.