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Why aren’t these Russian single women answering my chat messages?

26. April 2010 by Gregg 0 Comments

HotRussianBrides.com’s chat function is a useful and reliable too to keep in touch with Ukraine mail order brides and Russian single girls. Occasionally members may find that when they send a chat request or a message to a lady online, that she does not respond. If this happens, don’t panic. While it is up to each member, male or female, to decide who they want to correspond with, a Russian bride not responding to your chat request could be because of a variety of different reasons.


Bandwidth at the Russian Dating Agency

Most of the ladies on our site access it from International matchmaking agencies, which operate offices and maintain computers and webcams for them to use. Very few people in Ukraine and certain parts of Russia have their own home internet connections, which requires them to use Web Cafes or the services of Introduction agencies like the ones we partner with.


While agencies in larger cities will normally have excellent high-quality internet connections for the ladies to use, others in smaller towns and cities may not be so lucky. During high-traffic hours, ladies using our site may find their internet connections to be unstable or slow, causing problems with chat and especially video chat services. If you run into an issue like this, it’s usually a good idea to close out of the video window and continue the conversation at another time, or switch to a less data-intensive communication method such as email or chat.


Language Barriers with Hot Russian Girls

It’s always a good idea to take a look at the lady’s profile if you find her to be slow to respond – the reason being that many of the ladies who have poor to intermediate English will sit with a Russian dating agency Interpreter or paste your messages and their responses into translation software to ensure that the message is translated accurately. Some of the ladies may also not be as computer literate as others and may not be as fast on the keyboard as you are used to.


Interpreters at Russian Bride Agencies

Sometimes, if a lady is too busy to make it into the office, she may authorize an administrator or an interpreter at her agency to log into her account and print out the emails for her. If an administrator is logged into the lady’s account on her behalf, they will not answer any chat requests that come in.


If you find yourself frequently running into the issue of an interpreter logging in on a lady’s behalf, you may wish to send her an email to find out when she will physically be in the office and available to chat. Most ladies are happy to schedule appointments to chat with Gentlemen.