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Why do I need a site like yours? Why can’t I just go to Ukraine myself?

25. June 2010 by Gregg 0 Comments

Occasionally, customers ask what the purposes of a site like ours is – in today’s world, the cultural and even international barriers don’t seem as wide as they have in years past and with Ukraine’s visa policies, many people feel it may be a better use of their time and money to simply hop on a plane and try to meet some Ukrainian brides on their own.

While we understand if you feel that flying to Ukraine and meeting Ukrainian ladies directly would be a better process for you, we do consider our site to be a great option for people from many walks of life. We provide a unique Russian dating environment that allows people to communicate, converse, and - after meeting our criteria - even exchange contact information. We also work with Introduction agencies that can provide travel services such as transportation, accommodations and interpreters for our qualified members.

Consider the benefits of using a website like ours – you can see, chat with and court a Russian bride or Ukrainian lady. If you and she decide to meet and you wish to visit her, one of our agency representatives can meet you at the airport and take you to your hotel or apartment. They can provide translators for dates and other occasions and they can provide a great deal of other support. Compare this to just hopping a plane and attempting to meet a lady – you’ll have to make every arrangement yourself, you’ll have no prior history with any lady you meet and will effectively be starting from “square one”. You may not meet anyone with a good grasp on English and you may need to obtain a translator of your own.

In general, meeting people internationally - no matter if you approach it online or off - will NEVER be a cheap option. Even without a site like ours, there are travel expenses, Visa filing fees, legal fees and many other costs that could be incurred. Were you to meet a lady, you may have to make a number of trips there to continue your courtship before bringing her back to your country, whereas on a site like ours, the initial communication and courtship can happen digitally at a much lower price.

As you can see, there are a number of advantages to using a site like ours and we feel that we provide an excellent place to begin and conduct your search for the perfect match. To see just some of the members who have met their matches on our site, please feel free to view any of the stories in our Featured Couples section!