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Why do you charge for your services?

25. November 2009 by Admin 0 Comments

This is a common question we get. We charge for communication services because that is our business. Much like a contractor charges to build your home or a mechanic to fix your car, we charge competitive rates for the services we offer. What do you think would happen if you ask your contractor not to charge you? Or to do free work for you because you think he should? He probably won’t take your job and your house won’t get built.


Free dating Websites make money by plastering ads all over their site, selling your contact information and providing poor service. If you pay for “free”, you have no benchmark for quality or fair exchange of service. We have chosen not to dilute our experience by placing intrusive and annoying ads on our site. Also, we safeguard and protect our member’s information and will never sell or rent it. In addition, we pride ourselves in our Customer Support team that is available 7 days per week to help men get more from our service. We always have attention on increasing the value of our memberships and providing the best service humanly possible.


If Love Paid the Bills…

It would be great if the love our members find was enough to pay for our infrastructure and our staff (if so, we would be very wealthy!). We pride ourselves in having a robust network of agencies, a quick and responsive Website and a supportive and agile Customer Support department. All these things, unfortunately, cost money.


Why Use HotRussianBrides?

Now, you don’t have to hire a contractor to build you house. You could build it on your own, but you may not have the skills, time or resources to do so. This is why you hire someone to help. You still have to chime in on the design and the finishes. Also, you need to keep the contractor on task and on budget. Same with our Website. We provide you the tools and information to be successful, but it’s ultimately up to you to get results using your charm, creativity and persistence.