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Why is My Russian Lady Never Able to Chat?

1. December 2009 by Christy 0 Comments

Emails are nice, but there are times when a gentleman will want to chat with his special Russian woman via instant message or live video streaming. Unfortunately, this is not always a possibility. However, despite some claims to the contrary, a lady’s inability to chat does not mean she isn’t real or that HotRussianBrides is a scam. 

Though many ladies prefer chat to emails (responses arrive more quickly and the short messages are easier for ladies to comprehend), some women are unable to make it to an agency on a regular basis and must rely on emails to keep in touch with men who interest them. The reasons for this vary. Some women live in remote areas of Russia and must call in to receive their messages. Others are busy with school or work and don’t have time to visit their local agency. Remember, the vast majority of women on our site do not own a home computer. How often would you chat or send emails if you had to visit a computer lab each time you wanted to go online?  

It’s important for gentlemen to understand that it may difficult, if not impossible, for a Russian lady to be able to chat. Circumstances are different in Russia than they are in Western countries, and men should be patient with the women on HotRussianBrides. Your lady is sure to appreciate your kindness and understanding.