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Why is She Still Chatting with Other Men?

14. March 2013 by Dasha 0 Comments

Some members get upset when they learn that a woman they’ve been courting is still chatting with other men. A few go so far as to call the woman a scammer or accuse her of being insincere and dishonest. However, this is neither fair nor accurate. Women who chat with multiple men aren’t being shady. They’re simply being smart. 


As nearly every single knows, dating is a numbers game, and not every online contact will result in a love match. That’s why it’s important to reach out to several potential matches. One of the biggest benefits to online dating is that it gives singles the chance to meet many different people all at once. So why wouldn’t the women of HRB take advantage of this exciting opportunity?  


Unless a woman has agreed to be exclusive with you, there’s no reason to assume she isn’t talking to other men. This is true whether you’ve been chatting for one month or one year. That doesn’t mean the lady is a scammer who doesn’t have feelings for you. It simply means she’s playing it safe by keeping her options open. After all, the majority of men on HRB never make it to Ukraine. Until you hop on a plane and meet a woman in person, your future together will always remain uncertain. 


Hot Russian Brides, like any online dating site, is simply a way to connect with intriguing singles. Some connections will result in exclusive, long-term matches. Others will not. That's why it's smart for members, both male and female, to chat with multiple singles at the same time.