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Why isn’t my Russian lady on camera right now?

2. December 2009 by Gregg 0 Comments

Thanks to the efforts of our agencies, our chat services are available in many areas throughout Ukraine and Russia. Our services are also available to Russian women at many varied times of the day. Some of our agencies keep their doors open late and some even allow the Ukraine women to stay overnight to avoid long walks home in the dark.

Frequently though, we are asked “Why isn’t the Russian girl I’m chatting with on video chat?

While the majority of our 13,000 ladies are almost always on video chat, there are quite a few situations where a lady may not want to, or be able to appear on video chat.

Check the time of day

You may want to keep in mind that Ukrainian Women are in a very different time zone than we are. If it is Noon, Eastern Standard Time in the United States, it is 7:00PM in Ukraine. Russian Ladies could be in one of literally 11 different time zones that exist in that country. If you’re worried about your lady not wanting to be on camera, pay attention to the time – If it’s 2:00AM where she is, why would she WANT to be on camera? At 2:00AM she’ll look tired, fatigued, likely after a long day of work. Many of the Hot Russian ladies on the site take great pride in their appearances and will often not want to appear on camera looking anything but their best.

Accessing from outside the agency

HotRussianBrides.com’s network of Ukrainian dating agencies provides access for ladies and a sense of comfort and safety when they are signing up for and using the website. Sometimes Russian ladies on our site want to log onto the website outside of the agency, and we definitely do allow this. Even if a potential Russian bride has the resources to log into the site herself, such as a home internet connection or a net café connection, she may not have access to a webcam, or her connection might not be powerful enough to handle streaming video. Please bear in mind that even in the US, streaming video technology has only been available to most people for around 5-6 years and while we work hard to ensure that our agencies have the best internet connections, many home and business internet service providers there are still developing.

Bandwidth issues

HotRussianBrides.com makes every reasonable effort to ensure that the ladies on our site have access to video chat technology, but as Ukraine and certain parts of Russia are still developing their infrastructure, there may be certain times of day that the internet connection simply cannot handle the vast amounts of data required for a video stream. To combat these issues, we have implemented some precautions like video streams that adjust based on the bandwidth available and the ability to schedule a video chat with the Russian ladies you are interested in.

The important thing to remember is: If the Russian Bride of your dreams isn’t available for video chat, there’s no reason to get upset. More than likely, there’s a very good reason and you will be able to see her in video chat very soon.