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Why should I use HotRussianBrides.com?

6. July 2009 by Admin 0 Comments

HotRussianBrides.com is simply the best site available, offering both high-speed chat and video chat to help you communicate with women from across the globe! What better system could you use in order to ensure that the lady you are corresponding with is indeed real? By using our Live Video Chat, you can set up chat appointments and talk as much as you want.


What other site allows you to open an unlimited amount of e-mails utilizing a Silver, Gold, or Platinum Membership? In addition, each level of membership offers free monthly allotted emails, plus discounts for chat, video, introduction videos and our on-site gift store.


If you need assistance with the site or have a problem, our knowledgeable online Web Hostesses are available 7 days a week for immediate help.


You should also know that your security is always one of our chief concerns. Through our Validation Program we take great caution to verify each woman's identity by making cold-calls to the agency whenever they are online and requiring photo identification before they can even create a profile. Also, before a lady is allowed to join, she is interviewed by the local agency to verify her information and that she is indeed searching for a serious relationship. This way you are guaranteed that the woman is genuine and earnest about the process.


Finally, the ladies are NOT allowed to ask for money on our site. If this occurs, her profile will be removed and she will be banned from using our service.


Infrastructure, with bandwidth that is limited by the lack of services. The internet in Russia is much different than in America. Instead of paying a monthly fee for unlimited access, we are paying for service per minute. Plus, we are providing computers and web cams, as well as a full-time staff of translators and secretaries.