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Will Your Russian Bride Want a Traditional Wedding?

6. February 2012 by Masha 0 Comments

Men typically don't get involved in wedding planning too much. They just need to know where to be at what time and which suit to throw on and they're ready to go. However, the gentlemen who date Russian women online are generally more romantic than the Average Joe and they know how important the big day is to their beautiful bride.


Learning about Russian wedding traditions is a fun cultural experience that can impress your special lady. She may want to include some of these customs in your union.


  • First, you'll need to decide when to have the special occasion. Did you know that there is one month that Russians believe is unlucky to get married in? The word mayatsa means "to suffer" so any day in the month of May is no good for a wedding.
  • Whichever newlywed steps onto the wedding carpet first at the Registry Office is the one who will become the head of the family. 
  • After the official ceremony, the newlyweds will take close friends and family on a tour of the popular sites of the city, taking photographs along the way.
  • The bride and groom receive salt and bread from their families to ensure they experience good luck and prosperity during their marriage.
  • The wedding bands are worn on the right hand, rather than the left. If the bride or groom drops the ring while trying to put it on the other's finger, it is considered to be a very bad omen!
  • Russian brides believe that they can cultivate good luck by placing a coin inside their left show underneath their heel.
  • Once a relative or close friend has made the first toast at the wedding ceremony, guests are supposed to throw their champagne glasses to the ground.  If they break upon impact, it is considered good luck.
  • The groom must keep a keen eye on his bride during the reception because friends can "kidnap" her and hold her for ransom.
  • Guests who are eager to be married themselves will secretly pull the tablecloth closer to themselves during dinner. 
  • Russian weddings can last for two days, with the second day's celebrations being even more fun than the first!

The single Russian and Ukrainian girls you meet online are serious about finding husbands and getting married so it wouldn't hurt to start researching more wedding traditions. The ladies will think it's cute and charming that you're taking the initiative and are just as excited as they are about the big day!