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Wine Not Vodka Drink of Choice In Moscow

20. November 2009 by James 0 Comments

To most Westerners say the word Russia and two things pop into their heads, beautiful women and vodka.

This week Russia will still have beautiful women but wine will be the drink of choice as many people are celebrating Beaujolais Nouveau Day. Wine connoisseurs will be enjoying some of France’s best vintages in bars and establishments all across Moscow.

For the past 11 years Russia has participated in the annual event. In Moscow, the celebrations have been held exclusively in French restaurants and bars, but this year many other locations will host samplings of the French wine “Beaujolais Nouveau”.

Beaujoalis Novuveau Day began as a way to promote the French wine industry and particularly the Beaujoalis region of France.


Originally, the light red wine was just consumed locally but following World War II the rules were relaxed to allow the wine to be exported. Now, Beaujoalis Novuveau Day is celebrated in more than 120 nations.

The next time you correspond with your Russian lady ask her if she raised a glass this year to celebrate Beaujoalis Novuveau Day.

Who knows, maybe next year you can toast the day together?