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Wise Words for Wooing Russian Women

12. November 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Gorgeous Ukrainian girl, Allionna

Gentlemen often hear that Russian and Ukrainian women are vastly different from other ladies and that dating them online requires special skills and superhuman powers. While these girls do have certain characteristics that tend to attract multitudes of men, much of the standard dating advice applies.


Guys who have experienced dating women all over the world have found that these 3 tips are essential for impressing hot Russian brides.


“Show Sophisticated Swagger”

Charm, charisma, and confidence are crucial for courting. These traits often attract women more than appearance. Russian women are especially drawn to true gentlemen so brush up on your smooth, suave skills. Send gifts with sweet messages. Give sincere compliments. Find that perfect balance between strong and sensitive to make them swoon.


“Don’t Kiss and Tell”

If a guy thinks he can impress ladies by bragging about all the Russian brides he’s had before, he’s majorly mistaken. Same goes for trying to appear more desirable or make a lady jealous by telling her about other women you’re dating. It’s just rude and disrespectful.


“Acknowledge the Age Aspect”

Since Russian women are often attracted to more mature mates, gentlemen can relax about a few wrinkles or gray hairs. However, they still need to be realistic about dating ladies who are significantly younger than them. While some say opposites attract, if a couple’s interests and goals are too dissimilar, the relationship may become rocky.


Men who match up with hot Russian brides know you don’t have to be rich, famous, or impeccably handsome to win these ladies over. A little style, class, and charisma, combined with respect and realistic expectations, will help you succeed in your search.