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With Love from Russia: John & Katia

12. March 2016 by Admin 0 Comments

A young man recently graduated from college, the University of California Los Angeles. His parents were from the northern United States but for John, the north was just too cold. He enjoyed the endless sunny California days where everyone is attractive, with blonde hair and tan skin. It’s funny, but there are so many beautiful people in California that it’s very hard to stand out in a crowd there. So even though John is 6’1, 190 lbs, blonde hair and blue eyes, a very good looking man, he has trouble meeting women because everyone looks the same! John is a smart guy. He graduated with a degree from UCLA studying corporate law. He makes a good living. But he is lonely. What would have to happen for John to meet someone who was also very smart, beautiful, kind but different than all the California girls that look like Barbie Dolls and not much smarter? John started looking online on his laptop one night and found a website with all these beautiful women’s photos and they had written details about themselves in profiles. Maybe John could meet a girl this way? He had heard about hot Russian brides but he thought that was a rumor that college guys made up to give him a hard time. One girl on this website was especially beautiful, with long dark hair and haunting brown eyes. Her skin looked like a China doll, it was so perfect. She had no orange face from fake tans like California girls. Her cheeks were rosy and she looked like she was physically fit. John was very interested. To find out more about this mystery girl, John would have to fill out a profile on the site, but it was free and only took a few minutes. His heart began to beat faster as he wondered if he might really get to talk to this Katia girl. He posted pictures of himself, and gave all the details about his job at the law firm and that he liked to visit the California beaches when it was not tourist season.He went to bed doubting he would ever hear from her or any other girl. It made him grumpy. The next day, John had an email message in his inbox. He almost could not breathe. It was from Katia! She apologized for her English being so bad but John actually thought it was cute when she got words mixed up. Really, one of these hot Russian brides wanted to talk to Mr. Normal American Lawyer Guy? She said she did yoga and loved to run in long distance races. She said she eats like a horse because of all the running she does, which also means she has to do a lot of cooking for herself. She said it was Russian tradition for the mothers to teach the daughters how to cook traditional delicious Russian food so she knew cooking well. She asked John if he thought she would make it as one of the hot Russian brides and they both laughed because it sounded funny when she said it. Two months later John flew from Los Angeles to New York and Katia flew from Moscow to New York. She was from a small town south of Moscow called Podolsk. When the two finally met face to face, John asked her if she was a Russian spy and they both laughed and hugged. They had written letters and had phone calls for two months and got to know each other pretty well, but seeing each other for the first time in person, it was still a little like meeting a stranger. But not for long. Katia stayed with John in New York for 2 weeks, but when it came time to leave and go back to Podolsk, she got tears in her eyes. John couldn’t imagine taking her to the airport and flying back to California without the most beautiful hot Russian brides ever, or even a hot Russian girlfriend. They looked at each other in the eyes very serious and Katia said, “John, I am not leaving this spot until you promise we will be together forever after this!” John picked her up and swung her around. He leaned his head back and as loudly as he could he said, “My name is John and Katia is my hot Russian bride! Everyone needs one of these hot Russian brides!” and the two fell apart with laughter. Katia returned to Podolsk to say good bye to her hometown and her friends. John went back to LA, sold his condo and quit his job at the law firm. He packed up and was on his way back to New York the next week to find another apartment. Katia and John were going to stay together, as a couple and live in New York, the city that never sleeps. Katia got the man of her dreams and John got his soul mate. They got married two years later and at the wedding reception, John’s best man Chris told the story about how this perfect couple had met on the Internet and that the marriage they had today was exactly what he wanted for himself, too – it was just that perfect. Who knows? Maybe Chris will find a a match online too, for himself one day and be happy like John and Katia.