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Wizz Air Ukraine Applies for AeroSvit’s Routes

22. January 2013 by Dasha 0 Comments

AeroSvit may be grounding flights due to an impending bankruptcy, but Wizz Air Ukraine hopes to pick up where the troubled carrier left off. If Ukraine’s aviation authorities approve, Wizz Air will begin offering service to Tel Aviv, Istanbul, Dubai, Vilnius, Prague, Warsaw, Larnaca, Naples, Thessaloniki, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Baku, Yerevan, Minsk, and Batumi.

Many of the routes belonged to AeroSvit, but the airline was forced to abandon them after financial woes left the company crippled. If AeroSvit loses the lucrative routes, it’s unlikely to ever get them back.

Wizz Air Ukraine’s Akosh Bush says the company expects the State Aviation Service to review their application within a few weeks. If officials grant Wizz Air the new routes, the airline will increase its fleet by six aircraft and transport around 2.6 million passengers each year.

For now, Ukraine International Airlines is the dominant carrier in Ukraine, something Bush says will hurt consumers.

“Because of the bankruptcy of Aerosvit, there is a possibility that the Ukrainian market will be further monopolizing,” Bush said a press conference today. “Ukrainian passengers had to put up with high prices and frequent cancellations of flights of some Ukrainian companies. And the threat of the creation of a monopoly, which exists now, can lead to further prices increases for the limited supply of flights.”

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