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Women: "True Heroes" of Russia

19. November 2009 by Marie 0 Comments

Although it's the men who have fought and suffered in Russia's history of wars and political horrors, Russian women are considered the nation's true strength.


It adds up to strong reasons Russian women, and ladies from neighboring countries, make excellent wives for Western men.


One exhaustive study calls women the "true heroes" of Russia. They are quietly strong in the face of adversity but have not become hardened or bitter. They make lemonade out of lemons.


More than 90 percent are employed and their work ethic is excellent. They are super-responsible and take great pride in their jobs, whether their title is impressive or humble.


Do they come by this naturally? Mostly yes, according to research.


First, the culture and historical upheavals have given Russian men license to be "irresponsible in both family and social roles" and "retreat to handing out together smoking and drinking vodka late into the night, " says one study.


Second, there are simply a lot more women than men in Russia. Forty million Soviet men died between the 1917 Communist Revolution and World War II. Unless abuse is involved, Russian women have learned to put up with bad behavior and accept a greater share of responsibility for the family.


Now here's the good news: Globalized media and Internet dating are giving Russian ladies new choices. Despite risks (mainly horror stories of human trafficking and abuse of foreign wives) some look to Western men to find husbands with stability, family-focus, chivalry and responsibility.


It's important to remember that not all Russian women are unhappy with Russian men and eager to uproot. After all, they share a language, culture, and community ties. And not all Russian men fit the stereotype.


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