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World’s Largest Champagne Flute

25. September 2012 by Lorena 0 Comments

A group of Ukrainian champagne-makers decided that they wanted to bring attention to Ukrainian fine sparkling wines in a big way: by creating the world’s largest champagne flute. Breaking the previous record would be tough: the most recent record was set in Canada with a glass that held over 27 liters.


The Ukrainian sparkling wine makers joined together commissioned a new record-breaking champagne flute from the glass artists at ARTGlass. The previous record-setters said the task would be impossible. According to them, a properly shaped vessel larger than 27 liters would be impossible to create because the weight of the liquid inside would be too much for the glass. The Ukrainian glass artists proved them wrong, and the glass was filled in a ceremony in Balaklava.


The Ukrainian champagne flute is four and a half feet tall and weighs more than 50 pounds. The hand-blown vessel holds 60 liters of sparkling wine; that’s the equivalent of 75 bottles.


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