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World's Largest Retractable Aluminum Dome in Donetsk

10. May 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

World's Largest Retractable Aluminum Dome in Donetsk

Waterparks, whether indoor or outdoor, are nothing new to Ukraine. Locals as well as tourists love enjoying the pleasurable pools and water slides, like at the Cape of Good Hope in Berdyansk. However, there is an innovative new waterpark in the works for the city of Donetsk.


Royal Marine Aquapark will be the first waterpark in the world to have a unique, retractable aluminum dome. OpenAire, a Canadian company that specializes in retractable roofing systems, is providing the entire design and manufacture of the structure. “It will be a gorgeous, light-filled space that takes advantage of the outdoors whenever possible,” says Deborah Baker, OpenAire COO. “Families will love being able to get a break from the cold in winter... and feel the sun on their faces in the warmer months.”


Other benefits of the largest free-standing aluminum dome is that, unlike steel, aluminum doesn't corrode, doesn't need to be painted, withstands chlorine, and requires zero maintenance. Plus, opening it up to outside air helps reduce dehumidification costs for water facilities.


The construction has already begun and guests can start to experience this one-of-a-kind modern marvel next year, in the fall of 2011. Are you chatting with any hot Russian brides from Donetsk?


View the computer animation of the Royal Marine Aquapark at https://www.openaire.com/video/donetskaquapark/.


Royal Marine Aquapark in Donetsk, Ukraine