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Would You Date a Russian Woman Even if Your Friends and Family Disapproved?

13. October 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

For whatever reason, members of HotRussianBrides may have family and friends that dislike the idea of a Russian bride. The ladies, too, may have to deal with loved ones that look down on foreign suitors. However, is the disapproval of family and friends enough to keep Western men and Russian women from dating someone? We decided to find out.

In the recent match up survey, we asked the men and women of HotRussianBrides if they would date someone that their friends and family disapproved of. Surprisingly, the responses from each sex were almost identical!



A slightly higher percentage of women, 37.2%, said they would “maybe” date someone their friends and family disapproved of, while 36.6% of the men gave the same response. Clearly, the opinions of friends and family are important to the “maybe” men and women, but not enough to reject a suitor outright.


Sure, Why Not?

A slighter smaller percentage of men and women, 35.1% of the men and 35% of the women, said “sure, why not?” These singles don’t feel strongly either way, but lean more towards a yes than a no.



Nearly a quarter of the men (24.8%) and a quarter of the women (24.1%), said they would “definitely!” date someone their friends and family disapproved of. These singles know who they like and refused to be swayed by the opinions of others.


No Way!

A small percentage of the surveyed men and women said there is “no way” they would date someone who did not met the approval of their loved ones. 3.5% of men felt this way as opposed to 3.7% of the women.

At one time or another, Western men and Russian women may have to deal with family and friends who do not approve of their choice in a partner. As with many things, patience and communication can help members deal with loved ones who do not understand Russian dating. Fortunately for the members of HotRussianBrides.com, men and women are on the same page when it comes to this issue.