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Would a Russian Woman Want an Older Man?

15. January 2010 by Admin 0 Comments

Take a look through the profiles of the more than 14,000 Russian women on our site and you will notice that many of these beautiful ladies are relatively young. Girls ranging in age from 18 to 22 abound on our site. To some gentlemen, this can be intimidating.


Focus on Your Shared Interests

Naturally, there are going to be some differences between you and your Russian bride as a result of the age difference. Various cultural staples and items of interest to your generation, may not be shared by someone from her generation. And vice versa. But such things are trivial in determining the overall success of the relationship. What’s more important is that the two of you get to know each other well in order to find interests that you do share. If you are both fans of sports, talk about your favorite teams or maybe some sports that you play.


Why Would She Want an Older Man?

Russian women often specifically seek out older men for marriage. The reasons for this are varied, but in general the women seek a man who can provide a sense of stability and maturity while also demonstrating a readiness for commitment. This reflects the respect for tradition that many Russian women have, being that they seek gentlemen who are ready to provide for a family. Young Russian men typically do not show a desire to establish a family early in their lives, and therefore some women are less interested in them.


Forget Numbers

As you get to know a Russian woman, remember that what is most important is that you get to know her for who she is as an individual. In this way, you will see that age really is nothing more than a number. Different women have different maturity levels and just because a lady is a certain age does not mean that she will not be able to relate well to you.


Age does not necessarily have to be an issue in a relationship. A look through some of our testimonials will show you that a significant age difference did not impede many couples from getting together via HotRussianBrides.com. The key is to focus on your shared interests and values and let things progress naturally.


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