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You and Your Russian Lady May Love the Same Shows

25. September 2012 by Lorena 0 Comments

Among the American imports that make it to Russia are our TV shows and movies. And, often, versions of US productions will be remade for Russian audiences. You and your Russian lady may have some of the same favorite shows, but each enjoy versions made for people in your country.


One show your Russian lady might watch is Married with Children – except, she’ll know it as Schastlivy Vmeste, which translates as “Happy Together.” The American version of the show was shown on Russian TV for several years. In 2006, a version was created especially for Russian audiences. In place of the Bundys, the Russian show parodies a middle class Russian family, the Bukins. Married with Children is, in fact, perhaps the most adapted scripted TV show on Earth, with versions in a dozen countries.


The Russian comedy Voroniny is based on the American hit show Everybody Loves Raymond. The producer of Everybody Loves Raymond traveled to Russia in 2009 to make the Russian version of the show. It’s been adapted to reflect the lives of Russian audiences, but it otherwise very much like the original.


Like America, Russia and Ukraine each have their own versions of Simon Cowell’s juggernaut Got Talent series. The 2012 series included dancers, singers, and a bartender who makes the guys in the movie Cocktail look dull and slow.


The Russian adaptation of The Nanny, My Fair Nanny, outlasted its American counterpart. The Russian show ran from 2004 to 2009. The initial set-up of the show is the same, but the romance between the two lead characters takes longer to develop. While the American version has the characters married with twins at the end of the series, the Russian version ends with their engagement.


How I Met Your Mother got a Russian adaptation deal in 2010. The Russian version’s cast bears an uncanny resemblance to the American show straight down to the catch phrases. In the clip of the series that has been posted online, you can see Ted’s Russian counterpart bemoaning the engagement of his best friend, and the Russian Barney arguing that he is Russian Ted’s best friend. The pineapple incident is related, as well, making the stories told to the Russian kids about as appropriate as the tales the US Ted chooses to share with his children.

Comedies are not the only shows to get Russian versions. Law and Order has had a Russian counterpart for many years. And now, the America drama Prison Break will be given a Russian take. The story will be told over a 22 episode arc. It’s being made by Channel One Russia, and is their first adaption of an American drama. 

Log on now to chat with Russian ladies about the shows that they like best. Could be that you two have a favorite in common!