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You’ve Found Your Russian Bride! Now, What About the Other Ladies?

12. October 2009 by Daniel 0 Comments

Perhaps you’re fortunate enough to have found that Russian lady of your dreams. But now, what about all the other ladies you’re been corresponding with? All that time and effort you spent to find that one beautiful lady for you has surely yielded more than one interested woman. So now that you’re devoted to one, what’s to become of the others?

Take it Slow

First things first – take it slow. It’s a good thing that you have hit it off with a particular Russian lady, but it might not necessarily mean that she is destined to become your bride. Just as searching for the right lady takes time and commitment, so does the development of a relationship.

Keep Your Options Open

If you’ve only been acquainted with your lady for a short time, it might be wise to keep all of your options open. After all, you wouldn’t want to settle for a very good Russian bride when you could have a perfect Russian bride. We recommend taking several weeks, if not longer, to continue correspondence with a lady before making any big decisions.

If She’s the One, Devote Yourself to Her

If you decide that a lady truly is a perfect match, you should naturally lose interest in the other girls. At the same time, as the communication stops, the other girls will lose interest in you. The more time you devote to getting to know one lady, the less you will devote to others. Eventually, the other ladies will go their respective ways as your attention sticks exclusively to that special one. This is natural and not something about which you should be overly concerned.

Send a Polite Message

In the event that any of the ladies are still interested in talking after you’ve decided that you like another, the best thing to do is be honest and let them down easily. Send them a brief, but polite message explaining that you have chosen to pursue someone else, but wishing them the best of luck in fulfilling their search. Taking the time to do this shows respect for them as well as demonstrates loyalty to the lucky one you choose.

It is always best not to rush into any relationship. Take your time and get to know several Russian ladies. When you are certain you have found the one for you, the others will move on.