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You'll love Russian Women !!

17. June 2016 by Admin 0 Comments

Strength, Wisdom, and Beauty: Three Goddesses in One It is said that in Ancient Greece there lived a man named Paris who one day stumbled upon a golden apple. Three goddesses appeared to him: Hera, goddess of motherly strength; Athena, goddess of wisdom; Aphrodite, goddess of beauty. Paris was then given a chance to choose among the goddesses to whom he would gift the golden apple. Men face this decision all the time when choosing a partner. Indeed, these three qualities are often the center of love and attraction. The ancients believed that a woman who possessed all three of these qualities was a rare gift from the gods. Evidently, the Greeks did not know about Russian women, who can be described by those very three adjectives: strong, wise, and beautiful. The Russian environment is cold and bleak, which plays a role in the development of the Russian character. Mail order brides are strong, since Russian women are often considered the backbone of society. Though Russian culture is often chauvinistic, a 1994 study found that Russian men feel guilt at the amount of responsibility held by Russian women. This is important to note, because it shows that Russian mail order brides, though not as respected in their home country, continue to persevere and hold society together. The Russian soul is considered severe, imaginative, and sensitive, because of a violent history. This means that Russian mail order brides are capable of withstanding the greatest hardships, and it is through these hardships that they grow stronger than any other women around the world. This strength does not mean they are insensitive, however. Russian women are often the caring and matronly women. This, however, does not solely define Russian mail order brides. Russian women are also known for their incredibly intelligence. Russia itself is a very intellectual country. Chess is a national past-time. The streets are named after Russian literary giants such as Dostoevsky and Pushkin. Russian women take pride in their education and are often highly in touch with cultural developments - both East and West. For example, in Moscow there is the Eastern looking Red Square. In Saint Petersburg, there is the wonderfully Western styled Hermitage. Russian women are a bit of the same: a mix of both East and West. Since the days of Catherine the Great, Russian women have been cultural powerhouses, capable of learning several languages and even expanding a huge empire. This is incredibly surprising, because despite the stresses of everyday life, Russian women are considered the most beautiful. Modelingagents from Japan to Germany to South Africa all look for their latest face in Russia because of the well known and exquisite beauty found in the harsh landscape. Despite being so beautiful and world renowned, Russian mail order brides are very humble. This is why modeling agencies across the world jump at the chance of working with the freshest faces to arrive from the Motherland. Any modern man would choose all three of these qualities in a woman. This is why so many men are turning to Russian brides, some even mail order brides. Russian women act as great foundations for any man wishing to better himself. They are truly a miracle of the world.