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You'll love Russian women like Dulceanna from HRB

16. September 2016 by Admin 0 Comments

DulceAnna is a beautiful blonde haired blue eyed woman from Russia who's looking for a confident, outspoken man. Additional qualities she's looking for in a man are honesty and responsibility. DulceAnna would also like someone who is caring. She makes a good choice for men who want a wife that's devoted, respectful, and loyal. DulceAnna stated in her profile that love is not just a word, it is mutual respect and devotion - a very eloquent and intelligent way of expressing it. She's a smart girl whom with a man can easily hold a serious, intellectual conversation with. Although she's intelligent, DulceAnna isn't domineering like some educated western women are. A study conducted by Dr. Elizabeth Bates at University of Cumbria found that women are more likely to be aggressive and controlling in relationships than men. For a man who doesn't want a controlling wife, Russian women provide better options for marriage. Russian women value the traditional family model and are not into feminism. They generally like men being heads of the household while they focus on being a good mother to their children and a good spouse to their husbands. If you want a wife that values relationships and family, then you'll like Russian women. Another reason DulceAnna would make a good wife is she tries to stay positive and merry in life. A wife who is positive is usually more relaxing to be around because she's not focusing on the negatives. DulceAnna also enjoys listening to music and views it as something that makes a person special and creative. If you're crazy about music, then you'll probably enjoy conversing with her. Another hobby of DulceAnna's is reading because she thinks it makes a person well-educated and more interesting to talk to. DulceAnna, like many Russian women, has a nice body that's in shape. She's petite, standing at 5'3", making her a good choice for men who like short girls. DulceAnna also has curves on her body, weighing around 121 lbs. She's 25 years old and is an Aries zodiac sign for those who are interested in astrology. Her Chinese zodiac sign is the goat. Aries women are known for being energetic, warm, and passionate with a healthy sexual appetite. An Aries women usually expects her man to take initiative despite how openly she can express her interest. A woman of this zodiac sign is said to be faithful and supportive when she is in love. Therefore, if you want a wife who will be supportive of your endeavors and faithful to you, then an Aries Russian woman can be a great match. Overall, DulceAnna would make a good wife because she's respectful, devoted, and doesn't expect anyone to be perfect. She's a positive, intelligent woman, with whom you can easily converse.