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Yulia Tymoshenko Scoffs at Dress Code

6. October 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Yulia Tymoshenko

Ukrainian ladies love fashion and are rarely shy in showing off their style. Men often walk down the streets of Kiev with mouths wide open as women pass them in provocative outfits. While it may be acceptable for ladies to show some skin on their HotRussianBrides.com profiles or in their leisure time, the Ukrainian government is putting a stop to short skirts and high heels in the Cabinet.


Yulia Tymoshenko is one of many Ukrainian women who are laughing at the new dress code for government employees. The ruling requires men to wear mostly gray and dark blue suit and are forbidden from wearing the same suit two days in a row. Women must wear suits as well, plus low-heeled shoes; they are forbidden from excessive makeup and jewelry.


Some people agree with the dress code, saying it’s been long overdue with women wearing tight, low-cut dresses and men slipping on the same suits day after day. But others think it’s unnecessary and old-fashioned.


“A dress code looks archaic,” said Anna German, a top aide to President Yanukovych. Like Tymoshenko, German has also been considered a fashion and style icon. “I look at it with irony,” she said.