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Chat LIVE With Beautiful Ladies From The Czech Republic!

15. May 2014 by Admin 0 Comments

Though they strike a balance between the traditional and the modern, Czech women truly evoke the image of a Slavic goddess and the virtue of ethereal beauty.

And no city in the Czech Republic better demonstrates this than Prague itself, generally regarded as one of the most beautiful and charming cities in the world, steeped in rich history and culture. Prague is a magical city of bridges, cathedrals, gold-tipped towers and church domes. Essentially undamaged by WWII, Prague's medieval center remains a wonderful mixture of cobbled lanes, walled courtyards, cathedrals and countless church spires all in the shadow of her majestic 9th century castle that looks eastward. Prague is also a modern and vibrant city full of energy, music, cultural art and fine dining. Log in now and share in this special culture with the ladies who call Prague home. Indulge in a virtual tour of Praha (Prague) with your miláček (Sweetheart). Stroll thru Wenceslas Square, perhaps a tour of Prague Castle or a stop in Riegrovy Sady Park beer garden for a fine pilsner. And don’t forget to visit the Charles Bridge!

The ladies are waiting. You shouldn’t be.

Did you know…

The Prague Castle is the largest castle area in the world. Its three courtyards and a number of magnificent buildings cover over 7 hectares (18 acres). Budweiser is a brand-name Czech beer produced in České Budějovice and is the original Budweiser. The Czech hockey team won the gold medal at the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan, and also won the World Ice Hockey Championship in the following three years (1999, 2000, 2001) and in 2005.