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Dating a Russian Woman in Her 20's

22. November 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

Of the nearly 14,000 women on HotRussianBrides.com, approximately 8,000 of the ladies are in their 20’s. Here are a few things for gentlemen to consider if they are dating, or want to date, one of the lovely young ladies on our site.

Generally speaking, Russian women in their 20’s are pursuing a college education or establishing a new career. Members may notice that several ladies on HotRussianBrides list their occupation as student. When they’re not studying or working at the office, many young women enjoy attending parties, going to popular nightspots, and generally socializing with friends. In fact, the opportunity to socialize with other women is one reason the ladies enjoy spending so much time at introduction agencies. Many ladies in their 20’s are ready to get married and settle down, especially in Russia where the average age of marriage for a woman is 23. However, some ladies may want to take their time and finish their education or gain valuable work experience first.

Some men argue that women in their 20’s are not interested in marriage and that sites like HotRussianBrides are scammers for allowing young women to create profiles. While some women may not long to get married right away, others do, and even those who do not see a wedding in their immediate future may change their mind after meeting the right man. The only person who can accurately say whether or not a woman is interested in and ready for marriage is the lady herself. Everyone is different and gentlemen should try not to make any assumptions about a lady based on her age alone.    

The majority of women on HotRussianBrides are in their twenties. While many ladies are indeed ready to get married right away, others may prefer to take things a little more slowly. Men who are dating a twenty-something woman, or have found one they would like to court, should determine whether or not a lady is seeking a serious relationship and if his dating intentions match hers.