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Is it Wise to Date a Much Younger Woman?

10. January 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

Age is an issue that repeatedly comes up during Russian dating discussions. Specifically, is it wise for an older man to seek out and date young Russian women? Some men adamantly oppose huge gaps, arguing that young women couldn’t possibly be interested in suitors 10, 20, or 30 years their senior and that differing life experiences will doom the relationship. Other men view age as nothing but a number and feel they have more in common with younger women than women their own age. Here’s our take.

Despite what some might think, it is possible for a young woman to be genuinely interested in an older man (though not as common as older men might hope). Reasons vary, but many Russian women are attracted to the stability and maturity older men bring to a relationship, not to mention the fact that older men are more willing to settle down. As for differing goals and experiences dooming May-December relationships, yes, these issues can be a problem. However, communication, compromise, patience, and perseverance go a long way in overcoming age gap challenges. 

Is it wise to pursue a much younger woman? The answer depends on your motives for seeking out a younger woman (and her motives for dating an older man) as well as your ability to deal with the challenges that come with a significant age gap. That being said, many older men have enjoyed long, successful relationships with younger women so keep an open mind and follow your heart wherever it might take you.