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Dating a Russian Woman in Her 30’s

23. November 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

Though they certainly admire the lovely twenty-something women on our site, many gentlemen feel that ladies in their 20’s are simply too young. Thankfully, there are approximately 2,800 women in their 30’s on HotRussianBrides.com, one of which may be a gentleman’s perfect match. Here is some basic guidance for dating a Russian woman in her 30’s.

In general, single ladies in their 30’s have a better idea of what they want in a mate and are more willing to settle down than women in her 20’s. Finding a spouse and starting a family becomes a bigger priority, though some women may continue to pursue other goals. If a gentleman is dating a lady in her 30’s, it’s important for him to understand her hopes and goals for the future. How soon does she want to get married? Does she want children? What are her career plans? If a gentleman and his lady have vastly different plans for the future, they may want to re-evaluate their relationship to avoid future heartbreak.

Many Russian women in their 30’s are divorced, have children, or both, so ex-spouses and kids may also be part of the picture. A gentleman who dates a single mother must be willing to accept the lady’s past, children, divorces, and all, and he should make sure she is willing to do the same for him. As always, a man should strive to make sure he and a special lady are on the same page when it comes to the future of their relationship. 

Women in their 30’s are generally more willing to settle down than women in their 20’s, though there are no guarantees that they’ll want to get married right away. Several thirty-something ladies on our site have also been married once before and have children, so gentleman may need to prepare for this reality.

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